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You got AirPods Pro! Now how do you use them?!

In 2016, Apple released the Apple AirPods--small, wireless headsets that pop into your ear with no cords whatsoever. The device was an instant hit.

A second generation was released in 2019 with a better battery life and a wireless case. It wasn't until later in 2019 that things really started to change when Apple released the AirPod Pro. The 2019 pro line featured noise cancelling sound (and a transparent mode, which helps you hear your surroundings). They came at a premium price but have a premium listening experience. When you put the Pros in, you can hear the difference immediately.

AirPods are simple to use, but if they are new to you, then they can still be a little confusing. This guide will walk you through all the gestures, how to pair them, and charge them. It also has an Apple Music guide, so you know how to use Apple Music once you're ready to listen.

Some of the topics covered in this short book include:

  • What's the difference between regular and Pro AirPods?
  • Setting up automatically and manually pairing
  • Changing gestures
  • Accessibility features
  • And more!

Ready to get listening? Let's go!


Generi Informatica e Web » Linguaggi e Applicazioni » Hardware » Digital Life » Internet e servizi online , Hobby e Tempo libero » Saper vivere » Guide agli acquisti

Editore Scott La Counte

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/11/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781087818474

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You Got An AirPods Pro! Now What?

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