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Your Voice Speaks Volumes
Your Voice Speaks Volumes

Your Voice Speaks Volumes

by Jane Setter
pubblicato da Oxford University Press

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Why do we speak the way we do, and what do our voices tell others about us? What is the truth behind the myths that surround how we speak? Jane Setter explores these and other fascinating questions in this engaging introduction to the power and the science of the voice. The book first takes us on a tour of the sounds in our language and how we produce them, as well as how and why those sounds vary in different varieties of English. The origins of our vast range of accents are explained, along with the prejudices associated with them: why do we feel such loyalty to our own accent, and what's behind our attitudes to others? We learn that much of what we believe about how we speak may not be true: is it really the case, for instance, that only young people use 'uptalk', or that only women use vocal fry? Our voices can also be used as criminal evidence, and to help us wear different social and professional hats. Throughout the book, Professor Setter draws on examples from the media and from her own professional and personal experience, from her work on the provenance of the terrorist 'Jihadi John' to why the Rolling Stones sounded American.

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A fascinating and thorough exploration of some of the key processes, functions and perceptions of spoken language. Professor Setter manages to provide accessible explanations of quite complex linguistic topics and brings them to life by relating them to entertaining examples from her own personal and professional experience. A great introduction to the area. * Dr Rob Drummond, Reader in Linguistics, Manchester Metropolitan University * Drawing on her two distinct areas of expertise -phonetics and rock singing- Jane Setter offers a fascinating and approachable account of the human voice and what it can say about us to the listener. * John C. Wells, Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University College London * Innovative, informative, and full of human warmth. Jane Setter brings a personal perspective to the subject that is both insightful and moving. * David Crystal * Jane is excellent at making linguistics, particularly phonetics, crystal clear for the uninitiated. She uses that talent to great effect in her first book for the general public... This book is an important instrument for fighting accentism and other linguistic prejudice in the UK. It might make a nice gift for that person in your life who says they care deeply about the English language , but really what they mean is I like to judge other people's use of the English language . * Lynne Murphy, Separated by a Common Language * Setter applies phonetic analysis to a range of aspects of daily life in a way that is approachable to a wide audience. * Megan Storey, Library Journal *


Generi Languages & Reference » Linguistics , Science & Nature » Science-Reference

Editore Oxford University Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 07/11/2019

Pagine 240

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780198813842

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Your Voice Speaks Volumes

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