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101 Ways to Stitch, Craft, Create Vintage

The Editors of David & Charles
pubblicato da David & Charles

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A collection of new crafting projects with old-fashioned styleclothes, jewelry, decor, and more!

Get inspired with this fun collection of 101 unique vintage-themed projects. You can create stunning crafts for yourself or as gifts for friends and family, with a huge selection of vintage projects to choose fromincluding a button necklace, suffolk puff rings, fondant fancies, fabric pin cushion, crochet hot water bottle cover, vintage tea stand, and many more.

The beautiful projects cover food and drink, home and garden, fashion, and gifts, giving you the opportunity to try something new and expand your crafting skills from sewing and knitting to papercraft and cake decorating! Every project is quick and simple to make with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and there is a helpful techniques section at the back of the book, so you'll be a crafting pro in no time. This collection of projects will inspire you to stitch, craft, and create your very own vintage lifestyle.

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101 Ways to Stitch, Craft, Create Vintage

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