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You'll find them in every company: managers and executives who don't understand the importance of fun in the workplace. They can't delegate, they don't really communicate and they use their offices to play politics, making their and their employee's work lives a living hell. Klaus Schuster doesn't pull any punches in his humorous account of the 11 most common management sins being committed every day in the banking and business world. His first of four management bestsellers in Europe, this book shows that it doesn't have to be that way!

Klaus Schuster, MBA, was an executive board member for many years at a large international financial institution. There he acted as troubleshooter, constantly travelling, and spearheading the set up of a new company branch in Eastern Europe. In the meantime, he has founded his own company which advises, coaches and trains top managers and junior executives in all industries and sectors. He is a highly regarded international author, who writes business articles and columns in Europe. Recently, he has been making the headlines in Europe with the enormous (and thankless) task of cleaning up the messes of a middle European bank on behalf of the national bank and European Union. '11 Management Sins that You Should Avoid' is the first of his four, very successful, management books to be published in English.

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11 Management Sins That You Should Avoid

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