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25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects

Jim Clark - Terry Walsh
pubblicato da We Got Served

Prezzo online:

25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects is We Got Served's must-have guide to getting the most from Microsoft's Windows Home Server platform. 

Written for both Windows Home Server v1 and WHS 2011 users, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects is the product of months of research into thousands of We Got Served features, product reviews, reader comments and forum posts to select and then create a series of 25 comprehensive, but easy to follow project walkthroughs for the popular home server operating system.

Written by trusted home server experts Terry Walsh and Jim Clark, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects is the perfect next step for anyone who has mastered the basics of working with Windows Home Server and is seeking to do more with the product. Illustrated with hundreds of screenshots, the eBook walks through topics such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray ripping, creation of media libraries, automatic metadata collation and management, Windows Home Server support for Bittorrent and SABnzbd download clients, media streaming to remote devices, TV recording and archiving, remote backup, smartphone/tablet integration and much more.

Spread over 650 pages the full list of projects for WHS v1 & 2011 novices and experts alike includes:

  • Run a Windows Home Server Application as a Service
  • Create a Windows Home Server Powered DVR
  • Use Windows Home Server as a File Downloader with SABnzbd
  • Add Print Server Features to Windows Home Server
  • Share Your Printer With Devices Across the Network
  • Install a BitTorrent Client
  • Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Home Server
  • Install a Wordpress Blog on Windows Home Server
  • Stream Music and Video Remotely to SmartPhone, Tablets or Computers
  • Create a Windows Home Server Wiki
  • Install a Forum on Windows Home Server
  • Manage Your Music Metadata
  • View Your Home Server's Files and Folders on Tablets and Smartphones
  • Stream Video From Windows Home Server to Apple TV
  • Backup Your Files Remotely to Windows Home Server Using VPN
  • Build a Kick Ass Home Server From Scratch
  • Stream Media Effortlessly to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
  • Automatically Collate and Manage Movie and TV Metadata
  • Upgrade Remote Access to Manage Windows PCs and Macs from Tablets and Smartphones
  • Rip CDs the Easy Way
  • Create a Movie Library From DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Manage Your Home Server Movie Library From PC & Tablet
  • Manage and Record Video From Network Surveillance Cameras
  • Protect Your Home Server With an Anti-Virus Agent
  • Install Your Own Mail Server on Windows Home Server

Each project includes sections for Windows Home Server v1 and WHS 2011, so all 25 projects can be completed on either platform. 

Whether you're a new Windows Home Server 2011 user, or a long-time Windows Home Server v1 owner who "set and forgot" a long time ago, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects will give you fresh ideas, inspiration and guidance to create the digital home hub you always dreamed was possible. 

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Generi Informatica e Web » Linguaggi e Applicazioni » Sistemi operativi

Editore We Got Served

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 12/01/2014

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780957194823

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25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects

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