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A Better Way

Joe Pomerenke
pubblicato da ARCO/Murray

Prezzo online:

Traditionally, construction projects have involved designers and contractors working separately, and sometimes at odds with each other, forcing the customer to be responsible for coordinating their activities. As a result, cost overruns are common, deadlines are frequently missed, and miscommunication can breed serious mistakes. But there's a better way to build. An invaluable resource for builders and their clients, A Better Way explains and explores design-build, an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build model. This revolutionary approach merges design, engineering, and construction into one highly efficient process. Joe Pomerenke takes the reader step by step through his career experience with this exciting innovation at ARCO/Murray, clarifying what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit the customer experience. This bold and agile new methodology is already changing the urban landscape with its iterative, real-time approach to design, construction, and decision-making. Design-build is the future, and the very best way to build efficiently.

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A Better Way

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