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Advances in Nanopathology

Antonietta Morena Gatti - Stefano Montanari
pubblicato da Jenny Stanford Publishing

Prezzo online:

If observed from an objective, epistemological standpoint, medicine is not a science, at least not in its own right. The most important, key feature missing is repeatability, which makes the doctor's job extremely difficult. Doctors are not scientists but are called upon to use the results of scientific research every day. Therefore, they must keep themselves updated, distinguish what is worth extricating from a huge amount of literature and use the data exclusively in the patients' interest. To be effective, medicine must start from a correct, full understanding of problems, but particulate pollution leads to too many wrong diagnoses. This book, written by the discoverers of nanopathology, is the most advanced in the field. It focuses on how natural, occasionally generated, engineered particles interfere with living organisms, food, drugs and the environment. It represents a bridge between environmental pollution and its impact on human/animal/plant health. Also unique is its new bioengineering-interdisciplinary approach to medicine and solving pathologies of unknown aetiology. It is a valuable aid for medical doctors in their diagnoses of pathologies triggered by nanoparticles internalized in the human/animal/plant body. They will find solutions to some hardly understandable symptoms which some patients report.

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Advances in Nanopathology

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