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  • Henry Giroux's message and influence have never been stronger. He saw Trump coming and sounded the alarm far in advance. That perspective was presented in his previous book from last year, America at War with Itself, which Robin D.G. Kelley has aptly referred to as a prescient work, as it assessed the threat Trump posed as real, racist, and authoritarian. Given the current political crisis we find ourselves in, Giroux's critique of power and call for resistance has never been more timely or hard hitting than now, and the market for his perspectivethose who are aghast with the Trumpsis vast. American Nightmare continues the political trajectory established in America At War with Itself and explores the political dystopiasthose of recent history and those of Western literaturethat result when authoritarian forces are able to trump tolerance, equality, accountability, and democracy. This book will build on Giroux's already big and growing readership. Excellent potential.

  • Follow-up to Giroux's hugely successful book, America at War with Itself, which was published around the time of the 2016 election and sold out its print run within a month of its publication.

  • A major part of the book attempts to fashion a new language for engaging politics and speaking for a resistance and, like Giroux's other works, can be viewed as an accessible primer and serious text addressing the dangers of authoritarianism.

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American Nightmare

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