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This complete bundle features six steamy standalone stories. Innocent young women fall for Alpha Werewolves who take no qualms in taking absolute and complete control of every aspect of their lives - and of their bodies. The human women are no match for their piercing fangs and cutting claws, nor their devouring touches and possessive clutches.

Love Bites
Prey. Weak. Inferior. A were-rabbit farmer from nowhere, Aurora knows it's important she keeps her head down and stay out of trouble when she's in a city full of predator shifters.
She manages to do the exact opposite when she accidentally stumbles into the path for a pack of alpha werewolves. She tries to make a run for it, but an alpha werewolf lunges for her neck and declares her his mate.

Ariel is a rare creature, one that the right collector, or scientist, would pay handsomely for. She knows if she's captured, she will be studied, experimented on, and trapped in a cage forever. So, she runs and hides, clinging onto her freedom desperately until it is pried from her hands.
Her fate now lies with the hunters who captured her. But there is an Alpha in their midst, a werewolf who wants to do more than admire her beauty from behind glass cages. He wants to break her chains, shatter her will, and utterly consume her.
Will she be able to handle the brutal strength of his passion, or will she be claimed by it?

She looks like something from his darkest fantasy: Devastatingly beautiful and perfect in every way. She has a family of rabbits gathered around her and she's keeping them safe - he smirks - from him.
The last thing Alpha Donovan expects to find when he scents unfamiliar animals in his territory is a feral shifter, so lost in her animal that she's forgotten how to be human. He really doesn't know how to deal with her, especially not with his Heat coming up.
He's going to have to learn.

Dangerous Games
Nora Cage hides what she is. It is necessary, and she does it because she wants to survive. Desperation takes her to a pub in the middle of nowhere where she joins a poker game in hopes of winning money she needs to make rent. The last thing she expects to happen is to have her secret discovered by three Alpha werewolves.
She is suddenly caught in a game that she doesn't know the rules to. She doesn't know that there're none.
When the Alphas want something, they take it. And what they want, is Nora Cage.

The Caged Healer
Ria is aware of how much she is lusted after. Healers are rare in these lands, and her gift is exceptionally strong. She is, therefore, not entirely surprised that there is raid beyond her burning tent. It is always the same. She will be taken under a different Lord, and she will serve as their healer for as long as they are able to keep her.
She does not expect her Lord to try and end her life before she falls into the hands of another, nor does she expect the monster that saves her from his knife. He stares at her and it is like looking into an abyss that bleeds red at the edges.
She sees something different about the men that have come for her... She sees that they are not men at all.
Werewolves to not need healers.
So why have they come for her?

Captured Omega
Tanya is an Omega, a rare species of shifters that has the latent ability to make those around her to think of nothing except satisfying their carnal desires and stuffing her full. Her very existence means chaos and laws are set in place to capture and train all Omegas to be pliant and submissive to the Alpha they are assigned to.
Tanya denies her nature, masks her scent, and works as a cashier in the middle of nowhere.
She thinks she's safe because people don't know she's an Omega. She underestimates how much she draws savage, cruel men towards her. The men in her life wants to possess her. They want her pliant and whimpering,


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa

Editore Fanciful Erotica

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 25/10/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463540381

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