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Baby's First Day of the Dead - Dk
Baby's First Day of the Dead - Dk

Baby's First Day of the Dead

pubblicato da Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Prezzo online:

An early learning board book about the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead.

Perfect for story time, this first board book introduces babies and toddlers to the colourful Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead.

This classic first picture book for babies and toddlers has simple language and engaging, real life photos that bring out the warmth and joyous nature of the Day of the Dead festival. From sugar skulls and sparkly skeleton costumes to sweet-tasting pan de muerto bread and altars adorned with marigold flowers, all the elements of this fun festival are included.

This Day of the Dead board book offers:

- A padded board book format with 12 interior baby-tough pages and rounded edges for little hands to hold.
- An early learning board book that's part of the Baby's First series, introducing 0-3 year olds to a diverse mix of religious holidays and festivals.
- Easy-to-follow pictures and simple sentences promotes early learning for 0-3 year olds.

Specially made for little hands, this hard-wearing board book has a soft padded cover and safe rounded corners. Babies and toddlers will soon be turning the pages themselves, naming objects, joining in with the text, and learning all about this joyous festival that celebrates the living and the dead.

Day of the Dead is clear and easy for babies and toddlers to follow, with one main image per page they can focus on, while the short text is enjoyable to read aloud and share with young children.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop here?

There's so much more to explore and love with DK's Baby's First series, introducing little ones to a diverse mix of religious holidays and festivals. Why not try other titles in the series like Baby's First Easter, Baby's First Ramadan, Baby's First Passover or Baby's First Hanukkah?

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Editore Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/08/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780241707012

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