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Beach Nail Art: How to Create Stunning Seashore Nails with Drawings on the Sand?

Tanya Angelova
pubblicato da Digital Publishing Group

Prezzo online:

Would you like to create stunning beach nails with beautiful seashore waves, beach sand and wave foam as if the waves are crashing on the seashore? In this particular nail art decoration, I will be showing you how to draw footsteps and hearts on the sand, but once you know how to create this "sand effect," you can basically draw people's names, other shapes, or whatever you want.

This beach nail art decoration was inspired by one of my students. She asked me how to create "sand effect" on the nails and how to draw any shapes on it, as if we are on the beach sand, drawing stuff with our fingers. I'll show you exactly what materials I use and how to do it yourself, even if you work as nail tech or simply doing nails as a hobby.

Let's summarize, in this nail art guide I'll show you:
- how to create "sand effect" on nails
- how to "draw" whatever you want into the "sand effect"
- how to create a seashore on the nails
- how to create a realistic wave foam as if the wave is crashing into the seashore, dissolving into a foam

There are few tricks to do this, you'll be amazed how easy it is once you grasp the technique. This decoration is more than just a drawing, it creates a STORY you can draw upon. There's a story behind this decoration that's effective and can be "told" in different ways by engaging your creativity. Imagination is the only limit here.

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Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Forme d'arte e tecniche artistiche » Arti decorative » Disegni e tecniche di disegno

Editore Digital Publishing Group

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/08/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005709778

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Beach Nail Art: How to Create Stunning Seashore Nails with Drawings on the Sand?

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