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Beautiful Chaos

Crystal Smith
pubblicato da WestBow Press

Prezzo online:

Crystal Smith and her husband, Todd, have learned to embrace their beautiful chaos every day. In a house filled with foster children, it is never boring, always changing, and extraordinarily busyand they wouldnt have it any other way.

In the poignant story about faith and dutifully following Gods plan, Crystal shares the experiences and emotions that accompanied her familys roller-coaster ride through the ups and downs of the foster care system and as they eventually became a forever family through adoption. While providing an in-depth look into their journey, Crystal details the foster care training system, the lengthy paperwork process, the complex emotions that followed their first in-home placement, the difficulties of saying goodbye to children, and the joys that surrounded the day they officially became a forever family. Through it all, Crystal illustrates that every child, every tear, every smile, and every fear has made them the family they are today.

Beautiful Chaos is an inspiring story about foster care, adoption, faith, and love, and how one family came to be.

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Beautiful Chaos

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