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A Collection of Ten Short Stories for Children: Book 2

Mike Jones
pubblicato da Mike Jones

Prezzo online:

This is the second book. It is a collection of ten short stories for children. They are funny and enjoyable.

This book collection contains the following stories:

The Man Who Likes To Shout (1)
There once was a goat herder who spent his days in the fields shouting at his goats. He enjoyed his work so much that when he was with other people he found that he had a problem which made them dislike him. Fortunately he was able to overcome his problem.

The Sly Fox, The Sneaky Snake And The Dirty Rat (2)
There was a little girl who lived with her grandma in a little house on the top of the hill. She enjoyed helping her grandma around the house and her grandma enjoyed teaching her all kinds of things. One day the little girl had to go to the market by herself. Her grandma told her that she should be careful. But could she avoid the sly fox, the sneaky snake and the dirty rat?

The Big Fat Fly (3)
Once upon a time long long ago there was an old town where people threw their rubbish into the streets and it was the animals that cleaned it up. This town was called Garbage town. The cats were quite smart and they were in charge of all the other animals. The flies weren't happy so something had to be done.

A Little Bird Who Likes to Sing and Dance (4)
There was a happy little bird who loved to sing and dance and who enjoyed flying and playing with the other birds, it was a joy to watch him. He was a beautiful little bird and everyone that saw him would not fail to be impressed. He was full of life and full of happiness. Unfortunately for the little bird his happiness was taken away from him.

The Uninvited Visitor (5)
There was an old man and his wife who had worked hard all their lives in the city. They decided that they wanted a more quiet life so they moved to the countryside in the valley away from the noise and city life. Their peace and quiet was interrupted by an uninvited visitor.

The Little Pussycat (6)
This book is about a little lion cub who lived in a jungle that was not an easy place to live. His parents did a very good job protecting him, but maybe too well. The other lions started to push him around and gave him the name `The Little Pussycat' because he could not fight his own battles. Well, the little cub and his parents learnt an important lesson.

The Man With A Fat Belly (7)
There was a place that was not quite ordinary. It was a place where your dreams would go when you were not dreaming them. In this place it was quite normal to see fish swimming in the sky and birds flying in the sea. There was a town in this place and in this town lived a man who had a belly that was not quite ordinary. It was extremely fat. No one knew why this man's belly was so fat, it just was and it seemed to be getting fatter each day.

A Promise is A Promise (8)
This book is about the importance of a promise. There was a young man who had no money and often no food, so he was always very hungry. He spent all his days looking for food. One day when the young man was looking for food he came across a dried up old tree which changed his fortune.

Big Brown Bear (9)
This book is about a big brown bear that enjoys stealing food, until one day he had an accident and then he changed his ways.

The Wicked Witch (10)
This book is about a wicked witch who enjoyed a good wicked laugh. When she wasn't at home making wicked spells she would fly about on her magic broomstick looking for someone to use her wicked spells on.


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Narrativa

Editore Mike Jones

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781301801916

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A Collection of Ten Short Stories for Children: Book 2

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