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Discovering Yourself

Orison Swett Marden
pubblicato da G&D Media

Prezzo online:

It is important to thoughtfully choose our careers but for many reasons many of us take a job because it is the first decent offer that comes along. Over time we are content to move up in salary, rather than personal satisfaction. We have no choice, as we have bills to pay and a family to support. But Orison Swett Marden says that we must not settle. We have a personal obligation to find our own happiness and success. In fact, the world demands that we experience fulfillment for ourselves as our happiness also affects those around us. In this book, Discovering Yourself Marden goes through the preparation and pursuit of fulfillment and includes the life stories of successful men and women as told by themselves. Chapters include: The Victorious Attitude According to Thy Faith Doubt the Traitor Making Dreams Come True Making Yourself a Prosperity Magnet W Where Your Supply Is You Are Headed Toward Your Ideal Education Under Difficulties Misfit Occupations This One Thing I Do Enthusiasm Doing Everything To A Finish The Help Yourself Society How to Find Oneself Life Stories of Successful Men and WomenTold By Themselves ,p>"To be a conqueror in appearance, in one's bearing, is the first step toward success. It inspires confidence in others as well as in one self. Walk, talk and act as though you were a somebody, and you are more likely to become such. Move about among others as though you believe you are a person of importance. Let victory speak from your face and express itself in your manner. Carry yourself like one who is conscious of having a splendid mission, a grand aim in life. Radiate a hopeful, expectant, cheerful atmosphere. In other words, be a good advertisement of the winner you are trying to be."


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Discovering Yourself

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