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English House Style from Archives of Country Life
English House Style from Archives of Country Life

English House Style from Archives of Country Life

Dr John Goodall
pubblicato da Rizzoli International Publications

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English House Style traces the evolution of sixteen seminal interior styles found in British country homes, from the Middle Ages to the present, which have helped lay the foundations for what have become touchstones at the fingertips of every decorator, designer, and architect working today. The evolution of each style from its first appearance centuries ago to the present day, is presented through lavish photography culled from the very deep and rich archive of Country Life. Every one of these influential styles has been a source of inspiration to countless decorators through time. Many of the most important homes, primarily in England but also in Scotland and Wales, are featured Castle Howard, Chatsworth, Strawberry Hill, Haddon Hall along with lesser known gems Wardington Manor, Marchmont House, and Lindesfarne Castle. Historian John Goodall s lively, accessible, and informative text describes the telling characteristics of each style, traces the development of each over time in the hands of different designers, and examines all through his historical lens to establish context. The most influential interior designers through the centurieswill be examined and placed in the design lexicon. As indispensable as it is beautiful and inspirational, this book is a rich resource and visual guide of quintessential British country house style for decorators, architects, designers, tourists, residents, and armchair travelers who fantasize about revitalizing their own castle on the hill.

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The English country house has long been a source of both fascination and inspiration for anyone interested in classic design. So whenever an impressive new monograph on the subject is published it's bound to spark considerable interest. Hence you'll want to hurry up and pre-order English House Style: From the Archives of Country Life by John Goodall, being published on Sept. 10 by Rizzoli and now available for pre-order on Amazon before all copies have been spoken for. The oversized compendium contains nearly 350 photographs drawn from the iconic magazine devoted to the lifestyle of the English country magazine that originally debuted over 120 years ago. -AIROWS.COM


Generi Arts & Photography » Architecture » Photography  

Editore Rizzoli International Publications

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 10/09/2019

Pagine 432

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780847865512

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English House Style from Archives of Country Life

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