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Even Better Brownies

Mike Johnson
pubblicato da Page Street Publishing

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Look No Further for the Ultimate Guide to the Best Ever Brownies and Bars

Ditch boxed brownie mixes and other uninspired recipes in favor of Mike Johnson's amazingly decadent and rich homemade brownies and bars, from traditional brownies that will blow your mind to ones featuring inventive flavor combinations. Mike also includes other must-try recipes, like one-of-a-kind blondies, no-fuss cheesecake bars, fruity pie-inspired bars and so many more. Each recipe in this unique collection is to die for, including:
Ultimate Fudge Brownies
Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars
S'mores Bars
Spiced Caramel Turtle Brownies
Cinnamon Roll Blondies
Cookies 'n' Cream Brownies
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bites
Apple Crisp Bars
Peppermint Mocha Brownies
Espresso Carmelitas

With easy-to-follow instructions and tip and tricks to ensure the best results, Mike's recipes guarantee that bakers of all skill levels will be able to whip up a tasty, luxurious treat whenever the mood strikes.


Generi Gastronomia » Ricette » Dolci e dessert

Editore Page Street Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/12/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781645670933

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Even Better Brownies

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