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Expectant Entrepreneur

Claire Navaro Krawsczyn
pubblicato da Contrast Enterprises LLC

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One in three female small business owners in the United States is a mother.

Expectant Entrepreneur, How to Grow a Business and a Baby explores the unique challenges and opportunities that women face when deciding to expand their families while growing their businesses. This book shares dozens of stories of women from across the world who have decided to be both entrepreneurs and amazing mothers. Krawsczyn shares her tips for success with any woman who wants to be an Expectant Entrepreneur*.*

This book is for you if you:

  • Are struggling with preparing your business for your maternity leave
  • Are delaying having a baby so you can grow your business-or delaying starting a business so you can grow your family
  • Believe that you can be both an amazing mother and entrepreneur

In reading this book, you will discover that there is an enormous and welcoming community of women in the world who deeply understand what it means to be an Expectant Entrepreneur. This book is a tool to help you confidently plan your own maternity leave within your business.

Expectant Entrepreneur, How to Grow a Business and a Baby is a must-read if you are, or you support, a bold woman who isn't afraid to be both a mother and a business powerhouse.

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Expectant Entrepreneur

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