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Worlds of If' was a three-time winner of the Hugo Award for best science fiction magazine. 'Worlds of If' discovered many talented writers who would go on to dominate genre fiction. This is the second in our 'Worlds of If' series, with even more memorable stories from its tremendous run. '2BR02B' by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 'Do Unto Others' by Mark Clifton 'Robots of the World! Arise!' by Mari Wolf 'Disqualified' by Charles L. Fontenay 'Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?' by Kenneth O'Hara 'Vital Ingredient' by Charles V. De Vet 'The Polite People of Pudibundia' by R. A. Lafferty 'Let There Be Light' by Horace B. Fyfe 'High Dragon Bump' by Don Thompson 'Time Enough At Last' by Lynn Venable 'The Test Colony' by Winston Marks 'A Mixture of Genius' by Arnold Castle 'Brain Teaser' by Tom Godwin 'The Ambassador' by Sam Merwin, Jr. 'She Knew He Was Coming' by Kris Neville 'The Small World of M-75' by Ed M. Clinton, Jr. 'Generals Help Themselves' by M. C. Pease 'The Planet with No Nightmare' by Jim Harmon 'No Strings Attached' by Lester del Rey 'Star Performer' by Robert J. Shea 'Say Hello for Me' by Frank W. Coggins 'The Junkmakers' by Albert Teichner 'The Huddlers' by William Campbell Gault 'Skin Game' by Charles E. Fritch 'Masters of Space' by E. E. Doc Smith & E. Everett Evans 'The Smiler' by Albert Hernhunter 'Field Trip' by Gene Hunter 'McGonigal's Worm' by R. A. Lafferty 'The Terrible Answer' by Arthur G. Hill 'A Bottle of Old Wine' by Richard O. Lewis 'The Frozen Planet' by Keith Laumer 'The Barbarians' by John Sentry 'Tabby' by Winston Marks 'One Martian Afternoon' by Tom Leahy 'The Link' by Alan E. Nourse 'Celebrity' by James McKimmey, Jr. 'Black Eyes and the Daily Grind' by Milton Lesser 'Gambler's World' by Keith Laumer 'The Worlds of Joe Shannon' by Frank M. Robinson.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantasy » Fantascienza » Romanzi contemporanei , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Fantascienza » Fantasy

Editore Wilder Publications, Inc.

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/10/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781515411826

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Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #2

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