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Feminist Peace Research

Élise Féron - Tarja Vayrynen
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis

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This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of gender, feminism and peace.

It is based on the argument that feminist thinking is necessary to understand and analyse the core issues in peace and conflict studies and is fundamental to thinking about solutions to global problems and to promoting peaceful conflict transformation. The book centres alternative and critical approaches missing in mainstream peace research and brings forward feminist perspectives on traditional peace research topics such as militarism, peacekeeping, arms trade and the articulation of different forms of violence. It also advances critical and alternative issues and topics that traditional peace research has sidelined, including, for example, artificial intelligence, technologies and peace; trauma and memory; humannon-human species relations; art; popular culture; post-colonial and decolonial feminist perspectives; and the queering of war and peace. In sum, this textbook contributes to the visibility of these feminist critical approaches to peace research and makes them accessible to scholars and students interested in the subject.

This book will be of much interest to students of peace studies, feminist theory, gender studies and International Relations.

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Feminist Peace Research

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