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We see Bob Fosse's legacy everywherefrom Broadway to "BillyJean" to Beyoncé's moves in the "Single Ladies" video. Yet in spite of Fosse'sdeep cultural significance, no biography has ever brought him fully to life,unveiling the man behind the bowler hat and the swaggering sex appeal. Nowacclaimed cultural historian Sam Wasson traces Fosse's numberless reinventionsof himself over a career that would spawn The Pajama Game, Cabaret, Pippin, Chicago, All That Jazz, and other iconic works of art andearn him Tonys, Emmys, and an Oscar.

Wasson traces not only Fosse's prodigious professionallife but his intense relationships with everyone from Liza Minnelli, FredAstaire, and Neil Simon to Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange, and Dustin Hoffman.Through extensive interviews with collaborators and lovers and unprecedentedaccess to Fosse's archives, Wasson also reveals the deep wounds that propelledhis subject's excessive appetitesfor spotlights, women, and life itself. In Fosse, Wasson's stylish, effervescentprose proves the ideal vehicle for reanimating Bob Fosse as he truly wasafterhours, close up, and in vibrant color.

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