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French Short Stories for Beginners: 10 Exciting Short Stories to Easily Learn French & Improve Your Vocabulary

Touri Language Learning
pubblicato da Touri Language Learning

Prezzo online:

Do you know what the number 1 language learning principle is to catapult your French fluency?

To the enjoy the material!

The biggest mistake language learners make is studying boring, difficult grammar material that causes them to fall asleep before they even speak a single word!

Do you struggle with learning French and the embarrassment of pronunciation?

Do you get confused trying to figure out irregular verbs?

How about placing the accent in the correct place?

Do all of the false friends and tricky vocabulary make your head spin?

As a beginner, in fact, studying these is not an effective use of your time nor the best way to learn a new language. Is this how children learn their language skills? Of course not. We believe that reading engaging and fun stories that you can actually understand will create an "emotional glue" between you the reader and the newly acquired knowledge.

That is exactly what inspired us to continue our series of French Short Stories.

Enter French Stories for Beginners Vol 2:You will find 10 easy-to-read, engaging, and fun stories that will not only help you to dramatically expand your vocabulary but it gives you the tools to improve your grasp of the French language.

Boost your comprehension, grow your vocabulary and spark your imagination with these ten unconventional French short stories!

All stories are written with beginner French learners in mind using vocabulary that you could easily use in your day-to-day conversations.

With that said, it is highly recommended to have a basic understanding of French to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness of the lessons.

This program is excellent for those who want to get an introduction to the language or brush up on their French language skills.

How to Read French Short Stories for Beginners Vol 2:

  • Each story contains an important lesson in the French language (Verbs, Adjectives, Past Tense, Giving Directions, and more), involving an interesting and entertaining story with realistic dialogues and day-to-day situations.
  • A summary in French and in English of what you just read, both to review the lesson and for you to gauge your comprehension of what the tale was about.
  • At the end of those summaries, you'll be provided with a list of vocabulary found in the lesson, as well as phrases that you may not have understood the first time!
  • Finally, you'll be given clever questions in French, so you can prove that you learned something in the stories.

Even if you have failed multiple times in the past to learn French, these short stories will give you the rocket fuel you need to finally grasp the language!

Act now and grab your copy of French Short Stories for Beginners Vol 2 and start learning the fun way!

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Generi Lingue e Dizionari » Corsi di lingua e cultura francese » Corsi di francese

Editore Touri Language Learning

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 05/06/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393625964

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French Short Stories for Beginners: 10 Exciting Short Stories to Easily Learn French & Improve Your Vocabulary

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