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Lexie enters Glen Oaks for her first shift as a lifeguard. Kid's night is a crazy event at Glen Oaks, where all the members' children are allowed to spend a Monday evening during the summer with the lifeguards and without adults. Lexie hectically meets many lifeguards, only half she can recognize. Flashbacks begin to occur, about Lexie's past month, opening up the explanation why she's been in a "daze" lately. Lexie flirts with Ryan, an attractive lifeguard and swimmer. She is excited when her first shift comes to end, only to find out that the lifeguards are going to Red Robin afterward. Emilie forces her to come. After Kids' Night, Lexie's sister, Emilie, notices that something has been bothering Lexie, and begs her to confide in her. Lexie refuses, and decides to open her diary to figure out where she became so messed up. Going through poems and diary entrees, Lexie's past comes piercing at her, making her fall asleep in her ghostly, painful memories. Lexie dreads working with her old swim nemesis, Allie. However, after spending an hour with her during a shift, Lexie realizes that she and Allie and identical and potential new best friends. Feeling calm and relaxed with Allie, Lexie remembers what it feels like to have a normal friendship with someone who is stable, unlike her best friend, Kaitlyn. After having a fun, lighthearted shift with Allie, Lexie realizes the effect Glen Oaks has, a soothing effect, causing happiness to anyone who enters the premise. Emilie drags Lexie to Sarah's house for a lifeguard-staff gathering, after Lexie receives a voicemail from her ex-boyfriend/best friend, Justin. After the gathering, Lexie easily gets the scoop on all of the past lifeguard drama, including information on her summer infatuation, Ryan, who has a girlfriend. Lexie works with Sam, and once again, naturally opens up with her, too. She gets to know younger members at the club, who she hasn't seen since she had swam, 6 years before. This chapter continues to set the laid back, fun atmosphere Glen Oaks entails. Lexie also runs into Matt, the sincere younger friend of her sister, Emilie. Although Lexie doesn't really know Matt, she makes plans to play tennis with him the following day. Lexie brings Kaitlyn to Glen Oaks to meet Matt and Ryan. Kaitlyn represents the past Lexie is trying to overcome and intertwines Lexie's past year with her present summer at Glen Oaks. Beginning to like Matt, Lexie is devastated when she finds out he has a crush on Kaitlyn. Lexie backlashes and spats out a clue to Kaitlyn's history with drugs. Afterward, Emilie confronts Lexie about her rant and tells her that she misunderstood about Matt. Lexie refuses to cooperate with Emilie because she is getting ready for sushi with her friends from high school, the ones she hasn't seen since summer began. Lexie goes to dinner with her friends from high school and faces her ex-boyfriend, Justin, too. It is the first time they have seen or talked since their break up a month ago. After dinner, Lexie and Kaitlyn go Jacuzzi. Lexie meets up with Matt to go on their first "date," a bike ride. Matt can see through Lexie's act, and becomes the first person to finally break through her barriers. After struggling with Matt, Lexie finally opens up and explains what happened during the end of the school year, with her mom's alcoholism, Kaitlyn's overdose and Josefin's depression, which ultimately lead to the ending of her relationship with Justin as a boyfriend and as a best friend. The strong friendship between Emilie and Matt begins to bug Lexie as she realizes that they are going to a tennis match while she has to work that evening. At work, Lexie has a fun shift with Landon, a stranger that she soon finds out has more connections with her than she could ever imagine. They go to sushi to find Justin there with a new girlfriend. After not communicating for a week, Lexie is confused to wake up to a text from Matt. She realizes that, after not responding, she will also b


Generi Passione e Sentimenti » Romanzi rosa , Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa

Editore Andrea Louise Blythe

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/01/2011

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781609846787

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Glen Oaks

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