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Create the ideal lawn for your space and know how to look after it with Grow Lawns.

Ideal for first-time gardeners, Grow Lawns contains everything you need to know to choose and maintain the perfect lawn - whether that means formal straight lines, a playful space, or a hub for wildlife. Understand different grass types, whether to sow seed or lay turf, and maintenance techniques, including mowing, aerating, and scarifying. Discover alternatives, too, such as bulbs to add colour in spring or wildflower meadows to attract pollinators. Find useful tips and tricks to help with your lawn maintenance.

Whether you are an avid gardener or want to create an easy-to-maintain garden, this book can guide you and answer important questions like How does your garden lawn grow? What do you want from your lawn? Should I use turf or seed and more.

With this book, you can find:

-Fuss-free guide to designing, creating, and maintaining a lawn, ideal for first-time gardeners
-Explores a range of different needs and basic techniques so beginners know where to start with different kinds of grass/lawns
-Helpful tips on how to care for your lawn to maintain it for longer- including Essential tools, types of mowers, watering, feeding your lawn and more
-Images and descriptions of issues that your lawn may face, such as pests, weeds and conditions and ways you can solve this

Packed with practical, jargon-free know-how, this easy-to-use guide has everything you need to know to help your garden Grow. This useful guide contains images, facts, and information to help you grow a lawn that suits your lifestyle. Grow Lawns is part of a series with GROW Houseplants, GROW Compost, GROW Herbs, and GROW Trees.

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Generi Ambiente e Animali » Giardinaggio e Orticoltura » Fiori » Tecniche di giardinaggio » Giardinaggio, altri titoli » Giardini: descrizione e storia

Editore Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/09/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780241685488

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Grow Lawns

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