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No one is above the law...

From New York Times bestseller John Lescroart comes an exhilarating look at a trial that will change the lives of everyone it touches. Guilt is a legal thriller perfect for fans of J.J. Miller and John Sandford.

'A great thriller: breakneck pacing, electrifying courtroom scenes, and a cast of richly crafted characters' - People

Influential San Francisco attorney Mark Dooher - affluent, powerful, totally in control - is accustomed to getting what he wants. When he meets a beautiful young attorney, he decides he wants her, too. But Mark Dooher is a married man, and as legal counsel for San Francisco's Archdiocese, divorce is not exactly an option. Then Dooher's wife is murdered, and Mark becomes a suspect in the case. Even then, there's no cause for alarm. The woman he wants is close by his side. His best friend, the ever-loyal Wes Farrell, is his defense lawyer. And his own client, the Catholic Church, is in his pocket. Nothing - not past crimes, current scandal, or future desires - is going to stop him. Except, perhaps, the truth...

What readers are saying about Guilt:

'Strong characters lead the way in this genuine page turner. A great build up and masterful misdirection'

'Finely drawn characters drive the plot'

'The courtroom scenes are crafted beautifully'


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