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The stakes are high, the players are corrupt, and a treacherous secret is about to explode...

Hostage rescue expert Jonathan Grave is used to working alone, but this time he'll have to go where even his government won't dare.

An innocent man has been shot and two young people are missing. But tracking them down is only the beginning. To keep them and his covert team alive, Jonathan must plunge into the heart of a conspiracy, an insidious path which reaches from the remotest of locations to the highest corridors of power.

Behind it all lies a shocking secret, one that his enemies will keep from being revealed at all costs

A pulse-pounding action thriller, Hostage Zero is a triumph, perfect for fans of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn and Lee Child.

Praise for John Gilstrap

`Classic Gilstrap a tour de force!' Jeffrey Deaver

`Exceptional characterization and an intricate, flawlessly crafted storyline make this an absolute must-read for thriller fans' Publishers Weekly


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Hostage Zero

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