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How To Be Chic and Elegant

Marie-Anne Lecoeur
pubblicato da Marie-Anne Lecoeur

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Constantly worried about how you look?
Cannot put an outfit together?
Do not know how to make the most of your shape?

If shopping is not the pleasurable experience it really should be and you don't know which way to turn, 'Houston you have a problem'. Your confidence is suffering and it shows.
'Oh ma pauvre dame'.

If you ever thought that chic and elegance were beyond you, think again. Give me a little of your time and I shall convince you that effortless style can be yours in my new book, 'How to be Chic and Elegant'.

Over 200 simple tips will propel you to sidewalk model in no time at all.

'How to be Chic and Elegant' is divided into the following chapters:

General Tips
Body Shapes
Hands & Nails

Many women are crying out for the secrets of effortless French chic. Here, in one small book, you have those secrets and more besides.The book is direct and straightforward with no waffle or padding.

You can take this book with you anywhere, on your ereader or mobile phone and read it at any time. Apply the tips right away, and literally see results in the mirror immediately. Save money on impulse purchases and learn to sharpen your style eye. After just a little while, chic and elegance will be effortless because you will be chic and elegant from the inside out, naturally.

Here are just a few of the subjects covered:

How to achieve an individual look while saving money
What timeless accessories we should all own
What clothes to avoid at all costs
The simple trick to perk up your breasts
The secrets of achieving a French woman's look
A strange (but effective) way to whiten your nails in minutes
A technique that helps! You will always be well put together even if you have to leave the house at 5 am
Natural products to fight against acne
How to make your legs appear longer
A simple trick to avoid 'morning hair'
The three essential tips that you should never forget to achieve the perfect look

Why should you buy this book? The secrets of effortless chic and elegance are here for the taking. You do not have to spend a fortune or take hours trawling the shops.

Follow my simple instructions and start hearing the compliments roll in!

A là prochaine!

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How To Be Chic and Elegant

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