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Do you often dream of becoming a top-secret operative? Do the televisions shows such as The Americans or The Bourne Identity catch your attention? Do you find yourself highly engaged in articles about new and improved spy gadgets? Are you curious about what spy skills it really takes to be undercover and work as an emissary? If that's the case, you have stumbled across a one-of-a-kind book that discusses the valuable and applicable spy secrets about the mental and physical aspects one must possess in order to become a spy!

The contents of this book include:

  • Tips of getting into the mindset that is needed to survive dangerous scenarios

  • Situational awareness skills that can help you de-escalate situations

  • How to secure your home to protect yourself and your family

  • Safety skills needed when traveling

  • Methods of deciphering when someone is being dishonest

  • Self-defense skills that can be utilized in a variety of situations

  • Skills to help you disappear without a trace

  • Driving skills that will come in handy in the case you need to get away quickly

  • Surveillance skills necessary to survey detailed situations

If you are unsure you have what it takes to become your own version of a master undercover operative, then the chapters in this book will not only help you build up the confidence you need in yourself, but it will also assist in looking at yourself as a person in a different light! We all have special skill sets, so why not learn how to put them to good use as you learn to mold your mind into that of a spy?

How To Think Like Spy was created to be a fun, easy-to-read, and entertaining source of useful information that could help readers really sink their teeth into the behind the scenes life of a spy. I hope you find it resourceful in the case you need to evade danger or seek personal intel on people in your life.

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How To Think Like A Spy: Spy Secrets and Survival Techniques That Can Save You and Your Family

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