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How We Heal - Alexandra Elle
How We Heal - Alexandra Elle

Audiolibro How We Heal

Alexandra Elle
pubblicato da Chronicle Books

Prezzo online:

Beloved wellness author and teacher Alexandra Elle shares this practical and empowering guide to self-healing.

In How We Heal*,* bestselling author Alexandra Elle offers a life-changing invitation to heal yourself and reclaim your peace. In these pages, readers will discover essential techniques for self-healing, including journaling rituals to cultivate innate strength, accessible tools for processing difficult emotions, and restorative meditations to ease the mind.

Alex Elle elegantly weaves together themes like self-healing, mindfulness, inner child work, and boundary setting and presents the reader with easy-to-follow practices that have changed her life and the lives of the thousands of people she has taught. Her 5-part framework for healing will appeal to anyone who wants a clear process, while the compelling personal stories leave the reader feeling connected and ready to begin again.

Complementing the practices are powerful insights from Alex Elle's own journey of self-discovery using writing to heal, plus remarkable stories of healing from a range of luminary voices, including Nedra Tawwab, Morgan Harper Nichols, Dr. Thema Bryant, Barb Schmidt, and many more.

Brimming with encouragement and delivered with Alex Elle's signature warmth and candor, How We Heal is a must-have companion for anyone that wants to unlock their inner wisdom and confidence to heal on their own.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or emotional overwhelm
  • Readers looking to deeply engage in a personal writing practice that supports healing and self-care, both individually and in community
  • Fans of Alex Elle and people who bought AFTER THE RAIN or IN COURAGE JOURNAL
  • BIPOC women looking for books that center BIPOC experiences in a category dominated by white voices

Fans of the Holistic Psychologist, Cleo Wade, Lalah Delia, or the Nap Ministry

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Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Chronicle Books

Formato Audiolibro

Durata 04:48.19

Pubblicato 08/11/2022

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781797221717

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How We Heal

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