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How to be Creative: A Passport to Creativity

Peter Harris
pubblicato da Peter Harris

Prezzo online:

This 'passport to creativity' is a short illustrated guide to creating entirely new things, making creative improvements to anything, and solving all kinds of problems. It uses the 'IdeaTree', a five-part colour-coded diagram of process which enables all stages to be clearly visualised - and applied.

The IdeaTree diagram is based on the process philosophy developed by Peter Harris in his MA thesis in Philosophy, 'Process and Inquiry', finished in 1995. Since then he has gone on to become the builder of Cafe Eutopia, a fantasy author, inventor, sculptor, bookbinder, etc. So, Peter knows the process of creation from the inside, as well as theoretically, and uses some examples from his life to help explain the theory.

The IdeaTree diagram throws light on all areas of life, since life IS process. It also makes it clear just how people who specialise in the creative 'zone', can fit in with the other essential aspects of life and work, in a dynamic balance. Creative people do not have to be isolated and frustrated! They have an essential place in the cycle of growth of any group, society, business, or nation. Now more than ever, as our global economy becomes more and more dynamic and fast-evolving, the creative zone is in hot demand. Yet there is still fear and suspicion of creativity and the people who go in for it.

This book aims to help change that by showing that creativity is an essential aspect of all life, yet it does not exist in mysterious isolation, but is simply the second of the four phases of all process: Input, Novelty, Reaction and Output.(The fifth part of the IdeaTree diagram is the 'Status Quo', made up of all the successful cycles of creation which have happened already. The Status Quo 'feeds' the process, while the new cycles are emerging.)

These big concepts are distilled into this clear little book, making a deceptively simple tool for revolutionising the way we think - and create.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help , Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Management » Tecniche di management

Editore Peter Harris

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780958294553

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How to be Creative: A Passport to Creativity

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