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Hunting Mushrooms - Barbora Batokova
Hunting Mushrooms - Barbora Batokova

Hunting Mushrooms

Barbora Batokova
pubblicato da Page Street Publishing

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Your #1 Resource for Harvesting Edible Mushrooms

This trusty guide will help you break into the world of mushroom foraging with confidence. With in-depth profiles of 25+ mushrooms, you'll learn to identify prized specimens like chanterelles, king boletes, lion's mane, morels or chicken of the woods. Each profile details the species' unique features, as well as where and when it grows, so you have all the information you need to begin correctly hunting these fungi. And with a host of beautifully detailed photos, including images of poisonous species to steer clear of, you'll have a key visual reference to ensure you are foraging accurately and safely. Accompanied by rustic recipes to cook up your finds and a fascinating history of fungi, as well as expert, up-to-date research, this incredible resource will guarantee a successful start to your mushroom foraging journey.

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Hunting Mushrooms

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