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Land, Faith, and Voice

Alexander Rosenblatt
pubblicato da Jenny Stanford Publishing

Prezzo online:

This book summarizes a decade of research on its topic, while each specific perspective either formed in advance, or arose in the process of ethnography and its analysis. The book explores various aspects of Christian music in British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon, but primarily its historical facets and local palette. The scope of the main topics covers aspects such as historical and local melodies in relevant hymnbooks, musical practices in the Cathedrals and other churches within the designated area, and the creative profile of modern North American composers (including those who have worked in the Pacific Northwest), who made significant contributions to the church music practiced in the area. Other background and supporting topics are a reference on the history and culture of the Canadian and U.S. parts of the region, the study of Native Christian art, its philosophy and examples, and historical stages and the current landscape of Christianity in British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon.

The book bears the features of a monograph and a handbook at the same time. Among the few other books dealing with specific topics that make up the content of this book, none of them gives an all-around picture of the regional history, society, culture, art, religion, and its musical expression as a holistic phenomenon.

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Land, Faith, and Voice

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