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Would you like to create red rose manicure in just 10 minutes?

This is very simple innovative nail art technique to create rose flower nails fast. If you look at this "out of the box" method to create those roses, probably you would consider this "crazy," but it works. You cannot find this nail art technique anywhere. It's solely developed by Tanya Angelova - the author of this nail art book. It's suitable for beginners, especially if have poor flower designing skills. It's a completely new method and you'd be blown away. The roses can be designed in different colors and shapes, but once you master this new technique, the possibilities are endless. The imagination is your true limit.

You'll learn exactly how to create the roses like you see them in the cover of this book in a step-by-step manner, and yes, it took me only 10 minutes to do so. That's why I call it "lazy nail art." It's simple and fast!

Let's get creative and grab your copy now!


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Lazy Nail Art: How to Create Red Rose Decorations in 10 Minutes?

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