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Learn Spanish with General Knowledge Quizzes #5

Clicbooks Digital Media
pubblicato da Clic-books Digital Media

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A new way to improve your Spanish skills

This book is 100% Spanish-English bilingual. It contains a series of general knowledge quizzes, each question in Spanish, followed by the same question in English, so you can quickly check your understanding. Another click and you get the answer, Spanish then English.

The idea is simple: to improve your Spanish through reading bilingual texts, sentence by sentence. It's a fun way to practice your Spanish, and is also really useful for Spanish SATs and highschool Spanish. As you work through the questions and answers watch how quickly your confidence grows!

Click through the questions at your own pace, trying to understand as much as you can in the Spanish version. Because the text is fully Spanish-English bilingual, you will always be able to see the full meaning of each sentence, thus helping to improve your Spanish reading comprehension and consolidate your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. Parallel translations are like having a Spanish teacher sitting next to you as you learn! Whether you want a simple Spanish book or something more complex, this book will help.

Clic-books are about little and often. Developing your Spanish reading is difficult and time-consuming. Whenever you have some free time, click through the questions in a relaxed and stress-free way, building your knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary quickly and effectively using these fully bilingual texts.

As a dual-language textbook, everything is in Spanish AND English. So don't worry if you don't immediately understand ever word; you will always have translations to help you understand Spanish phrases and vocabulary as you go. Whatever your level, this Spanish reader will help you to develop your comprehension and grow your vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

LEARN SPANISH WITH GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZZES is a fun resource for Spanish self-study. It's a quick and effective way to practice your Spanish, whether you use the language for travel, business, high school and college exams, or are taking Spanish SAT tests, ACT or PSAT / NMSQT tests. Anyone with a basic working knowledge of the language can benefit from this book.


The translations in this book are as literal as possible while sticking to standard, everyday language. For that reason, the English phrases do not always reflect the Spanish texts word-for-word. Use them as a guide to comprehension, not as an exact parallel of the original Spanish.

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Learn Spanish with General Knowledge Quizzes #5

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