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Life Traveler; So Far

Jim Ellis
pubblicato da Jim Ellis

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This book is about life's lessons. Those incidences and circumstances often intricate, consuming and somewhat upsetting in nature which trigger deeper thoughts and reflections, which in turn trigger deeper feelings and emotions, which then trigger even deeper stuff. It can all get quite complex, this thing we're calling life.

Life is really poetry in motion. It has this flowing, interconnected quality to it, spun quite like a spider's web with people, places and events all in elaborate alignment with each other. Somehow. Someway. It can be quite poetic the way these experiences weave in and out of each other, as each of life's players make the right dips, twirls and moves that manifest the needed circumstances so the right lessons can come at the right time. The choreography is clear.

Often we can't always see this dance since our view is so cluttered with emotional turbulence, clouded perceptions and disconcerted attitudes. But the poetry is there; it's all around us, all throughout us. Actually, it is us. We are the dancers, and we are the dance.

Within Life Traveler; So Far you will find a few of the little sayings, `points of light' and snippets of life that the author has gathered throughout his journey so far.

The snippets are short and sweet vignettes: true to life, personal, poetic and testimonies of a lesson learned. The `points of light' and sayings are simply little ideas that sprang into a mind ready to receive them and for the sake of this book share them.


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Editore Jim Ellis

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 07/03/2014

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781466121577

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Life Traveler; So Far

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