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These sexy knights make it hot in this historical bundle:

Knocked Up And Shared By The Knights

Elsa has stolen several bags of gold and is on her way out of town, until she's intercepted by a band of Knights. After a long campaign and months without feeling a woman's flesh, they instantly take an interest in her. When they discover the stolen gold, Elsa has to offer them something they can't refuse - herself - even though she never thought she would be with even one arrogant Knight, let alone an entire group who just want to use her.

Elsa is untouched, and the Knights are massive. Full of lust after a long campaign, they readily agree. The only question is - will Elsa even be able to take on one, let alone all, of the virile Knights?

Dominated By The Queen

Sir Thomas of Gravenor's return from successfully crusading in foreign lands is rewarded with a lavish banquet held in his honor by the king. The dashing young knight gets more than he bargains for though, when the beautiful Queen Eleanor slips into his bed chamber after the event is over. She complains of her husband's drinking and lack of prowess when it comes to sex. Thomas is quick to realize that he's no longer the heroic conqueror, but the submissive conquered, as he yields to the seductive charms of his queen.

Deflowered By The Knights In Public

Fauqueshas been lusting after Ascelot since the day he was knighted, but as virile and shortsighted as he was, even he knew that the King's daughter was off limits.

That is, until a rare opportunity presents itself to finally have her as his prize - a fight, to the death. When the situation doesn't go to plan, he finds he might have to share his prize, even if it means taking the woman he desperately lusts for in front of everyone she knows.

He's never been one to share, but he can make an exception for this.


Generi Non definito

Editore Erotic Bundles

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/09/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 6610000226337

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MFM Medieval Erotic Bundle

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