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Introducing the "Whispers of the World" Series:

Spark the Imagination and Embark on Enchanting Bedtime Adventures! Delve into a realm where poetic whispers intertwine with the wonders of the night and the depths of the heart.

Not Just Poems, But Journeys:

Explore four realms: Nature, Magic, Emotion, and Night-time. Each beautifully crafted poem is a doorway to boundless horizons of imagination and understanding. 'Whispers of the World' is not just a collection - it's your child's passage to a universe overflowing with wonder and discovery.

From the Murmurs of Stars to the Depths of Emotions:

Nature Whispers lets your child venture through whispering woods and babbling rivers from their cozy bed. This journey nurtures curiosity and deepens their understanding of the natural world.

Magic Whispers propels your child into a world brimming with fairies, dragons, and enchanting tales, igniting their passion for the wonders beyond the visible world.

Whispers of Emotion gently guides your child through the intricate landscape of feelings, equipping them with the language of emotions, from joy to sadness, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence.

Whispers of the Night transforms the mysterious darkness into a friendly world of calm and peace, banishing bedtime fears and wrapping your child in the gentle embrace of starlit dreams.

Order Now:

Every night becomes a voyage with the 'Whispers of the World' series. Let your child embark on these delightful journeys into the realms of imagination, emotion, and dreamy nights. Order now and unveil the enchanting world hidden within the folds of the night. Let your child be guided from the realm of day to the magical world of dreams with the 'Whispers of the World' series. Your adventure into the world of imagination, emotions, and tranquility begins now!

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Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Fiabe Filastrocche » Filastrocche e rime » Scienza e Natura » Natura

Editore Lorean Publishing Hpuse

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 12/10/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9788862895613

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Magic Whispers

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