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The exciting conclusion to the Elementals Trilogy!

It began with OUTPOST and the discovery of a mysterious relic in a black pyramid deep beneath the Antarctic ice...

It continued with ARCANUM, with Dane and Bones joining forces with Jade Ihara and Nick Kismet to find more of the Elementals--four powerful artifacts, older than civilization itself.

Now, in MAGUS, the heroic team--accompanied by Maddock's old friends Professor and Jimmy Letson, will search the last Elemental relic--the Emerald Tablet, hidden away in the tomb of history's most legendary conqueror.

But they aren't the only ones looking for it. Agents of Prometheus, a mysterious secret society, are also searching for the relics, intent on using their awesome power to rule the world.


A great read that provides lots of action, and thoughtful insight as well, into strange realms that are sometimes best left unexplored." Paul Kemprecos, author of Cool Blue Tomb

"Dane and Bones.... Together they're unstoppable. Rip-roaring action from start to finish. Wit and humor throughout. Just one question - how soon until the next one? Because I can't wait." Graham Brown, author of Shadows of the Midnight Sun

"David Wood has done it again. Quest takes you on an expedition that leads down a trail of adventure and thrills!" David L. Golemon, Author of the Event Group series

"Ancient cave paintings? Cities of gold? Secret scrolls? Sign me up! A twisty tale of adventure and intrigue that never lets up and never lets go!" Robert Masello, author of The Medusa Amulet

"A non-stop thrill ride triple threat- smart, funny and mysterious!" Jeremy Robinson, author of Instinct and Threshold

"Let there be no confusion: David Wood is the next Clive Cussler." Edward G. Talbot, author of 2010: The Fifth World

Dettagli down

Generi Gialli Noir e Avventura » Narrativa di Avventura » Spionaggio , Romanzi e Letterature » Avventura » Legal, Thriller e Spionaggio

Editore Gryphonwood Press

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 20/11/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230002893464

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