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Managing Natural Science Collections

Carol R Butler - Christiane Quaisser - René WRJ Dekker - Robert Huxley
pubblicato da Taylor and Francis

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Managing Natural Science Collections demonstrates the need for consistency and evidence-based decision making in the management of natural science collections, which are becoming increasingly valuable when it comes to addressing societal challenges.

Drawing upon the experience of four experts who have managed some of the largest and most diverse collections in the world, the book aims to assist in the making of strategic and operational decisions regarding care, development, access and resource management. Encouraging the reader to consider how collection strategies can be aligned with the mission of their institution and contribute to its vision, the authors also examine ways to deliver a consistent approach that will secure the present and future availability and relevance of collections. Principles of good practice and resource optimisation in an ethical and legal context are provided throughout the book, as well as case studies, sample documents and templates, all of which will be useful for discussion and teaching.

Managing Natural Science Collections encourages each reader to consider the different options available to them. As such, it should be essential reading for museum practitioners and other professionals around the world who are involved with any strategic aspect of managing natural science collections. Students of museum studies will also find much to interest them within the pages of this book.


Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Beni culturali » Musei e museologia

Editore Taylor And Francis

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/07/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780429761430

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Managing Natural Science Collections

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