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Mancini - Diary of a Champion

Harry Harris
pubblicato da Empire Publications

Prezzo online:

This is the inside story of Manchester City's first title in 44 years and perhaps the most remarkable football season of all-time written from the point of view of the man in the eye of the storm - City manager Roberto Mancini. A season that ended so dramatically, with two injury-time goals at the Etihad to secure the club's first Premier League title, had begun serenely for the Sky Blues as they romped to the top of the league scoring goals almost at will, culminating in a 6-1 romp at Old Trafford. Holding the lead at the top from September until March, their title juggernaut was halted by Manchester United's incredible run of performances and the loss of form of key players. It took a remarkable collapse from United to hand back the initiative, a second chance Mancini's men gratefully accepted with a run of six wins to secure the title - yet there was so much more to this incredible season. Controversy was never far away: Carlos Tevez on-off transfer, his shocking refusal to come off the bench in Munich and his subsequent 'strike' became an unwanted distraction. Yet his return just in time to add much needed impetus to City's waning title challenge, made him a hero once more for supporters who wanted him 'rot in the reserves'. Then there were the antics of Mario Balotelli; the fireworks on and off the pitch including several red cards and a disastrous performance against Arsenal that appeared to undermine his manager and team-mates. So often a club regarded as the punch-line of British football, Harry Harris looks at City's rise from the ashes following the influx of Mansour's millions. The FA Cup triumph that ended the club's 35-year wait for a major trophy and October's stunning 6-1 derby victory at Old Trafford appeared to signal a shift in power in Manchester. City's title win has confirmed that an exciting new era in British football is about to dawn and this book follows every kick, tantrum and controversy throughout their remarkable season.


Generi Sport » Calcio

Editore Empire Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/12/2009

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781909360099

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Mancini - Diary of a Champion

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