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May We Suggest

Alison Pearlman
pubblicato da Agate Publishing

Prezzo online:
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  • An exploration of all aspects of the menu and how it affects every part of the restaurant and dining experience
  • Geared toward the average restaurant consumer
  • Not an industry how-to manual: firsthand fieldwork combined with first-person narrative makes this a first-of-its kind look at an everyday item
  • Author visited more than 60 different restaurants, from fast food to high-end, doing in-depth research including restaurateur interviews
  • Author's personal experience is threaded throughout and transforms a would-be technical topic into an accessible, general-interest narrative
  • Potential for course adoption in higher education
  • A general-interest topic exploration that touches on behavioral science, design, marketing, advertising, hospitality, language, and much more
  • Will appeal to the kinds of readers who embraced recent bestsellers like The Design of Everyday Things and Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America

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May We Suggest

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