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Memories from Australia Book 4

John Patterson
pubblicato da John Patterson

Prezzo online:

Memories from Australia Book 4 covers a part of Australia many might not realise is in fact part of Australia: Lord Howe Island. It is, technically, part of the state of New South Wales. A remnant of an ancient volcano it lies in the Tasman Sea eat of the NSW coast. It isn't big, but it is an amazing place with its towering Mount Gower in the south. The cherry is simply stunning. As well as geography, there is an abundant wildlife, mainly birds as well as interesting vegetation. As the trip involves a flight from Sydney, the book starts with some view of this city. More views than intended as bad weather required our flight to be cancelled. The weather in Sydney was excellent, but the intervening 780 km of South Pacific Ocean made the island unreachable. To fill in the day's wait for the weather to clear some of the sights of Sydney were passed by ferry trip on the Sydney harbour: views of the bridge, the Opera House, Fort Denison, the city skyline and finally Taronga Park Zoo (the ferry trip destination). The following day was clear enough to get to Lord Howe, although the trip was a little bumpy. The photographs in the book show the azure sea, the vegetation, views from Ned's Beach where the fish can be seen swimming in the waves, more dramatic views from a lookout on Malabar Hill of the whole island and the lagoon. The birds were generally undisturbed by people and patient approach allowed some close-up views of seabirds. The photographs in the book show as much as can be seen as long as the weather is good. There is a 100 MB limit on eBooks and so the number of images in the book is limited. Hopefully readers will get a 'taste' of this amazingly varied countryside occupying the centre of the largest island on earth and the 7th largest continent. Have a read and enjoy the 100 still images and one short video clip, which show some of the outstanding scenery of this fascinating island.

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Generi Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Luoghi e Popoli

Editore John Patterson

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 07/12/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230005309566

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Memories from Australia Book 4

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