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How do you heal the pieces of a broken soul?

Trauma destroyed Adele's life when she was seven and once again at seventeen. For years, three personalities coexisted in her head, but they all refused to interact with the world. When Arthur Ambrosius magically appeared in her life, everything changed. Now the man is gone, and the woman Adele must put her pieces together. The druid magician Merlin and the healer Neve work to create a whole woman from Adele's disparate parts, but their minds are also in jeopardy.

Merlin had fulfilled a quest that lasted fifteen hundred years. Now, stuck in a twenty-first century suburb of Houston, he's lost his direction and perhaps his moral compass. Meanwhile, Neve uncovers memories she shouldn't have, slowly tearing her psyche apart.

When Adele and her friends incur the wrath of a criminal gang that wields supernatural weapons, their lives are on the line. Who will emerge from the shards of fear, lust and rage that make up this woman's mind?

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Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Romanzi contemporanei » Fiabe, miti e leggende » Fantasy » Avventura , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Fantasy , Gialli Noir e Avventura » Narrativa di Avventura

Editore Bhc Press/indigo

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 15/08/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781386480969

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