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Metaphysics and Tarot Lessons

Rubi Astrologa
pubblicato da Rubi Astrologa

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A book full of esoteric knowledge. White magic, green magic, blue magic, red magic and golden magic. Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and René Descartes are just a few examples of the most important scholars who believed in esotericism and practiced magical arts. Many of Shakespeare's works are delicately interwoven with magical beliefs. Sigmund Freud was notoriously superstitious, and Carl Gustav Jung made a study of magic, so serious and profound, that many of his detractors accused him of dabbling excessively in mysticism. Tarot is an ancient practice, a path by which we begin understanding towards oneself, towards our inner sacred. The Tarot is an oracle, a means, by which, in some way, and through its drawings and colors, we stimulate our psychic sphere, the deepest part that goes beyond the rational. When we move the cards, a secret and powerful mechanism is put into operation, to open doors and means that connect us to the Universe. The Tarot is full of secrets, wonderful and powerful symbolisms that go beyond a great pictorial work. Magic, clairvoyance, or however you want to define it in you, will awaken little by little, as you practice and enter the intimate world of each card.

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Metaphysics and Tarot Lessons

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