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"Play Music You Hear By Ear!" "A 2017 New Method!"
"12 Step Music Ear Training Manual & Videos & More!"
"Each Step Includes Author Video Demo Links!"
Learn To Play Music By Ear Using A Brand New, Clear, & Proven Method That Includes Video Demonstrations!
Music Ear Training Method is my new ear training 12 step manual that has been created for musicians, beginning and advanced students, teachers, and all who choose to play music of any genre by ear. This contemporary method exists for those who do and don't read music & has led to successful results for many of my students. My massive research for a similar method ensured that an equally comprehensive learning process regarding ear training could not be found online or in print before the release of this manual in 2017.

Quickly Learn Many Of The Techniques Involved In Music Ear Training!
Video links included in this book lead to my demonstrations of each step and several of my playing by ear performances of popular music. Music Ear Training Method also consists of information and education regarding timing, rhythm, pulse, tempo, melody, harmony, bassline, percussion, intervals, chords, improvisation, dynamics, memorizing, and much more. The instruction and techniques in this book have helped performers to develop relative and perfect pitch, although no understanding of written musical notation is required. Ear training tips, a glossary, the advantages of playing music by ear, frequently asked questions, and simple & familiar song suggestions to get started with playing by ear are also included!

Benefit From Many Advantages That Will Help You To Become A More Talented And Happier Musician!
Performing music by ear will help you to play songs and pieces that you like, want, and choose to play at your own free will!
This manual makes ear training understandable and easier for you to learn songs faster!
Playing by ear will assist you when performing with friends & other musicians, taking requests, and improvising!
This method will enable you to become a more accomplished musician and increase your repertoire!
These ear training techniques will enhance your ability to focus and boost your memorizing skill!
You will save $ on sheet music & books, and won't have to depend on unreliable online tablature & text that are loaded with mistakes!
Feel Free To Contact Me With Your Questions And Feedback!
Although this 12 step method is very comprehensive, the manual includes my contact information and invites you to message me with your questions, comments, and suggestions at no extra cost. I reply to all messages that I receive, love to be contacted when my techniques help people to become better musicians, and I'm more than willing to assist with the progress that can be made by those who implement my method.

About Me, The Author, Andre R.
I am an author, entertainer, musician, and music teacher. For over 30 years, I have taught ear training and instrumental music to thousands of students privately and in many schools of Toronto, Canada. I have also received over 2 million video views of my original & cover songs that are performed by ear. Playing 2 instruments and singing simultaneously by ear is part of my career and one of my favorite pastimes. Currently, I'm looking forward with great enthusiasm to future releases of my upcoming books, music, and videos!


Generi Cinema e Spettacolo » Cinema » Cinema, altri titoli » Danza e altri spettacoli » Teatro di strada, mimo, circo e altri spettacoli , Musica » Tecniche di apprendimento della musica

Editore Andre R.

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/12/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780995316409

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Music Ear Training Method

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