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Are you tired of writing poetry and not being able to get people to read it other than your family? Do you want to get more recognition for your writing and build deeper relationships with your peers? Would you like guidance on how to promote yourself better to get the audience you deserve?

My Marketing Workbook: Promotional Tips for Poets is a marketing guide like no other, lovingly crafted specifically for poets, by experienced poets.

This intuitive workbook follows inspirational and insightful concepts on how to market yourself as a poet, brought to you by the creators of Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal. In this guide, you will be able to follow some easy yet extremely useful exercises to help establish yourself as a professional author and poet, all the while doing it on a low to no budget!

Follow the essential advice within and see your audience start growing soon!

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My Marketing Workbook: Promotional Tips For Poets

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