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Numbered Sheet Music for 8-Note Steel Drum with Simple Traditional African Songs: Beginner's Level

Helen Winter
pubblicato da Helen Winter

Prezzo online:

The steel tongue drum and the handpan are percussion musical instruments
designed to help you focus on your feelings, sensations, and body. No previous
training or skills are necessary to enjoy these fascinating instruments. Playing drums can relieve stress and disappointment.

Because most tongue drums include and are tuned to involve the notes of the main
octave, all songs from this book are possible to play in one octave. If you have
less than one octave of keys on your drum, you may need to skip some songs.
If you have more than 8 keys, for example, an 11- or 15-note handpan this book would be a great start to your drum experience. Yet, each tongue drum is very different, and it is impossible to accommodate songs
for all kinds of tongue drums in one music book.

This songbook was written to help the absolute beginner, whether child or adult learn to play in a simple
and easy way that requires no knowledge of reading music. If you are a beginner, playing by note can be difficult.
It is easier to follow number-coded circles with note numbers.

In Africa, singing always involves dancing, so the emphasis is placed more firmly on rhythms than on melody or harmony.
Due to their clear rhythmic patterns, African songs are an ideal material for any musician.

Its main task is not to be reproduced, but to get everyone involved, since music, by definition,
is the expression of emotional states with the help of sounds of a certain frequency and rhythm.

An indication of the country of origin of the song in this tongue drum meditation music book is an approximation
because many traditional cultures cross current national borders. The language in which the song is sung is more important, and it can be used in various countries. Most songs have been simplified for adult beginners.

Since African music assumes improvisation and variation, we recommend using this sheet music only as a guide.
The most important thing is to listen and repeat the recordings linked to the QR code.

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Generi Musica » Strumenti musicali e Insiemi strumentali » Altri stili e generi

Editore Helen Winter

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 06/08/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006703561

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Numbered Sheet Music for 8-Note Steel Drum with Simple Traditional African Songs: Beginner

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