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OMG! It's Harvey Korman's Son!

Chris Korman - Ron Brawer
pubblicato da BearManor Media

Prezzo online:

OMG! It's Harvey Korman's Son is a funny, heartwarming tale of what it was like to grow up in Hollywood with his famous cross-dressing comedian Dad, while trying to overcome his learning disability. Humor was his Dad's weapon of choice to help his son deal with celebrities, charities and straddling a double life between glamorous Hollywood and navigating through his struggles.


Danny Kaye's show went off the air in 1967 and The Carol Burnett Show was premiering that fall. All I could think about was, We need a Harvey Korman. We need a consummate actor with comedy chops to spare.

I believe we had a call in to his agent when one afternoon I happened to see Harvey himself headed for his car in the CBS parking lot.

I shouted, "Harvey!"

And then proceeded to jump him.
I seem to remember leaning him back over a car hood.
"Please, please be on our show! You're the very best! PLEASE?"
It wasn't exactly the most professional way to offer someone a job, but it worked. Harvey signed on, and I was in heaven.


"Chris, your father is a brilliant actor. He creates these incredibly believable human characters. On live television, no less."

PETER MARSHALL (Emmy-Award-winning host) Hollywood Squares

"I always tell people that Chris loves me so much that, when he was six years old and I was in the hospital, he chose to visit me over breakfast at IHOP."

MEL BROOKS (Oscar-winning writer/director)

(Starred Harvey Korman in Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety, and History
of the World Part 1): "Chris, I loved your father, even though he could be a real asshole."


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Editore Bearmanor Media

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/12/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393490210

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