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Plant Witchery - Juliet Diaz
Plant Witchery - Juliet Diaz

Audiolibro Plant Witchery

Juliet Diaz
pubblicato da Hay House

Prezzo online:

All it will take is for you to slow down and pay attention to the world around you and, I promise, you will find the world within you.
Indigenous seer, gifted plant whisperer, and Witchery author Juliet Diaz invites you to walk the path of the Plant Witch. Journey far beyond the basic medicinal and magical properties of plants, deep into Mother Earth's drumming heart. Drawn from ancestral practices passed down by generations of teachers, the lessons in this book will awaken your intimate connection with nature, your ancestors, your guides, and to your true self through the powerful magic of plants.
Within these pages, you will learn:
· Essential, magical, and medicinal properties of 200 herbs, flowers, trees, and fruits.
· Rituals for abundance, cleansing, and connecting with spirits.
· Spells to ward against evil, find answers, and protect against self-sabotage.
· Potions to open your third eye, bring luck, and promote creativity.
· Communication techniques for speaking and listening to plants.
· The optimal moon phases and seasons to work with different plants.
Even as humans forget our place in nature's rhythm and cause harm to our Earth Mother, the spirits of plants still call out to us, appear in our dreams, and inspire us as they push through cracks in cement-resilient and determined to thrive. From abre camino and acacia to yucca and ZZ plant, each has unique personality and wisdom to share if we are only willing to listen.
This audio product contains a PDF with supporting material, and the PDF is available to download.

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Plant Witchery

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