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Quiz Yourself Clever! Rocks and Minerals - Dk
Quiz Yourself Clever! Rocks and Minerals - Dk

Quiz Yourself Clever! Rocks and Minerals

pubblicato da Dorling Kindersley Ltd

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Discover the wonders of our rocky planet with this quiztastic book featuring rocks and minerals from all over the world!

Learn about Earth's fascinating rocks, minerals, and gems, from igneous rocks formed deep inside the Earth's molten core to sparkling emeralds, in this quiz book for children ages 9+.

Striking pictures and fast facts will allow you to learn all about geology in a fun and engaging way. The pure form of every rock or mineral is shown via an eye-catching image, surrounded by quiz questions. Turn the page to find the answers. In no time, you'll be able to distinguish sedimentary from sandstone, metamorphic from mudstone, and pyrite from pearl.

This geology quiz book for children offers:

- Fast and fun learning through the use of detailed animal images and interesting facts.
- Hundreds of quick-fire questions for children to quiz themselves and challenge friends and family.
- Information that has been endorsed and authenticated by experts.

Quiz Yourself Clever: Rocks & Minerals is packed with information on the world's amazing materials - from rainbow rocks and priceless diamonds to minerals that glow in the dark! Discover the unique qualities of each material, together with how it is used in industry, architecture, art, and science. Children can use the book to test their own knowledge, or challenge friends and family.

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Quiz Yourself Clever! Rocks and Minerals

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