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Regions of the Heart
Regions of the Heart

Regions of the Heart

David Rose - Ed Douglas
pubblicato da Penguin Books Ltd

Prezzo online:

Discover the powerful story of one woman's lifelong dedication to adventure and determination to succeed

'I shed a tear as I read this . . . I'll admit that I did not do so when I originally heard of her death. The difference? This book' Independent

Alison Hargeaves was one of the finest climbers of her generation.

But in 1995, she died during a violent storm on K2.

On her death she was vilified by media outrage that a wife and mother would take such extreme risks.

This is the story of a woman with an astonishing determination to be the best that she could.

A woman driven to succeed just to secure a future for herself and her family.

'A riveting and incredibly moving story' Irish News

'Few realized the extent of her inner turmoil - and her courage. A very moving biography of an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary talent and determination' Daily Telegraph

'A sensitive and intelligent book . . . Rose and Douglas recuse Hargreaves from the crude distortions of those who wanted to vilify or venerate her' Sunday Telegraph

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Regions of the Heart

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